About Us

Work Sharp is an leading Australian owned and operated designer, manufacturer, supplier and distributor of innovative uniform solutions. Our directors have the unique advantage of combined experience in nursing management (we KNOW the demands on uniforms for the health and aged care workforce) as well as experience in textile manufacturing (we KNOW garment design, production and branding). This combination of experience has enabled us to become a market leader servicing the health and aged care workforce  across Australia. Our highly experienced team will take the stress our of uniform supply - from concept, design, production, management through to distribution. 

We customise the product to your brand - not the other way around.

We draw on our wonderful partnerships with quality national and international brands to offer an extensive range and competitive pricing. However.... where we excel is in our custom designed uniforms. We make innovative fabrics (think cool comfort) in functional designs (think practical styles) with custom dyed prints or colours (think unique corporate branding) in smaller minimum order quantities than our multinational competitors who try to fit your staff into their product. We fit the product to your staff; your design features, your colours, your size range and all for the same price.