Can I purchase and take my uniforms the same day? 
Yes you can visit our showroom and take your uniform providing we have stock on hand.

Do you do alterations?
No but we can refer you to a reputable location.

Can I exchange my uniform?
Refer to the Returns section.

How long before I receive my uniform? 
Depending on the delivery arrangement with your employer, allow min 2 weeks for delivery.

What if I am not happy with the product or service? 
Let us know by contacting our customer relationship team on 07 3390 1152. Email sales@worksharp.com.au

What happens to my information?
Our online payment system does not store payment information.This is why you need to enter your details for every transaction.
Paper orders are destroyed securely in line with all privacy and ATO regulations.  
Your personal information is not stored, used or transferred to any third party.
Your contact details may occasionally be used to advise you of specials however you can unsubscribe at any time.