Ellie IV

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Ellie IV

A design powerhouse, Ellie Black is one of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. Crafted with soft leather, Ellie’s Triple Layer support system support hugs your feet and cradles your arches every step of the way. A win for work, her luxurious comfort and style go the extra mile.
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Saving Your Sole™ with the below features:
Sole Hero™ Support Footbed – Podiatrist designed | Adjustable:
Triple Layer Support & Cushion System designed to help prevent and alleviate common foot pain symptoms.
Lightweight, supportive clouds under your feet. Our Podiatrist designed dual density moulded sneaker soles are free of steel shanks and heavy materials.
Slip resistant sole*.
Sole Saver Pack™**: enabling a regular, wide or narrow fit with our clever pack included in the box. Customise the fit to each foot.
“Goldilocks” heel counter - not too firm, not too flimsy.
Leather upper, footbed cover and lining with specifically placed rPET foam lining - made from recycled plastic bottles - to alleviate pressure and rubbing on the skin.
Additional laces provided for alternate styling
*This style meets and/or exceeds the slip resistance test ISO 13287:2019 (SRC). Please note that while they are slip resistant, they are not completely slip-proof. Please use general caution as you would in any other shoe. **Our Sole Saver Pack™ includes a full-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, a half-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, and forefoot cushions.

Our technology

Sole Hero™ Footbed

Our Sole Hero™ Footbeds lifts, cradles and cushions the heel, while its arch support goal is to help with better lower limb alignment. Cleverly hidden in the design are two-zones of cushioning, with the aim to prevent pain points.

Sole Saver Pack™
Piece together your perfectly tailored fit with our Sole Saver Pack™, included in the box. Each pack features customizable (two full-length footbeds, two half-length footbeds and two forefoot cushions to be exact) and complementary bag for you to mix-and-match according to your needs.